Architecture Design and Development

Interior Turnkey Solutions

Our highly quailed and technically competent managers, engineers and technicians, allow us to capture a sizable share of the market. We are currently executing a number of projects in different premises of Residential, Commercial and industrial type

MEP Services

The MEP division has the full breadth of expertise to undertake large-scale as well as individual electrical, mechanical and plumping operations. With its reliable, high-quality and timely completion of work. The Division has been successful and continues to be competitive in all aspects of its field.

The scope of work executed to perfection by Paramount includes supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all electro-mechanical services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The specialized work covers the electrical, air-conditioning, drainage and water supply requirements of the projects.

Civil Work

Project Management

Estimation & Valuation

Facade Cladding Detailing

LED Screen Advertising

Apples UAE is one of the top outdoor digital signage companies in Dubai. We provide the best quality outdoor LED screen indicators in Dubai.

We are committed to making your messaging and data outdoor. Our outdoor LED range is designed to effectively match the complexities of the outdoor environment in the Middle East. It is weather resistant and works well in any weather. We design our outdoor visual solution with excellent brightness and clarity that allows for variable distance viewing. Available in a wide range of pixel pitch, our outdoor LED video solutions come with long life, and support energy saving technology. Enabling connectivity via LAN, WAN or GPRS and Cloud, and integrated with a powerful backend software for content control and scheduling.


Apples Signage is the brightest sign on the UAE horizon. We offer a comprehensive list of displays solutions-signage of various sizes using different media and quality material, graphics, large format digital printing and turnkey exhibition jobs. From signing to fabrication and installation.


Joinery, a simple method by which two pieces of wood are connected, is the heart of fine woodworking. Without the ability to connect pieces of wood with an attractive strong joint, every wood working project would need to be carved from single piece of wood. Joinery encompasses everything from intricate half-blind dovetails to connections that are simply nailed, glued or screwed. Joinery is an art that has been mastered by Apples fu11- time team of experienced craftsmen and that expertise enables Apples to undertake any joinery project, no matter how simple, specialist or unusual it may be. State of the art technology like CNC router machines, hot press machine from veneer pressing, edge banding machine and multiple head molder are just a few of the machinery that aids our craftsmen. From interior renovations to diverse designs, Apples meticulous attention to joinery detail is second to none.

Glass Aluminum

We are providing all kinds of metal services, including aluminum and glass. It has adopted a modest approach to business development and prefers to remain as a mid-range specialized company that offers high quality performance where quality is highly valued. Since its inception, our division has set a high standard of performance for itself, with the primary goal of becoming a metalwork contractor. It is implementing a strict quality services program on all projects related to fabrication and installation and maintenance of various types of aluminum and glass in residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, villas, schools, mosques, industrial buildings, etc.
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Light Fixture

Apples is one of the largest lighting companies in Sharjah. The company is a recognized leader in the region, marketing a wide range of electronic components serving a regional customer base in the United Arab Emirates.

Decorative Metal Work

We are providing steel decorative work, custom craftsmanship and design, combined with our state-of-the-art CNC machine, allowing us to create everything you can imagine. We have developed beautiful solutions to meet budget, time frame and aesthetic considerations in traditional and modern decorative steel works. Architectural sheet metal designs have become the perfect decoration choice for home builders and architects. We will work with your architect or designer to bring the idea of ​​metal work to life, whether it be in a custom home or a riding facility.